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Marine Offshore M Type Rubber Fender

Type: M Type Rubber
Brand: Deyuan Marine
Material: Natural rubber
Spare Parts: Chain, Shackle, U-ring
Warranty: 3 Years
Packaging: Pallet
Payment Terms: T/T, L/C, Western Union, Paypal
Feature 1: High energy absorption
Feature 2: Low reaction force.
Feature 3: With rational structure, easy for installation and maintenance.

Product Description

Marine Offshore M Type Rubber Fender

M Type Rubber Fenders are widely used on the bow or stern of boats or on the corners of docks or pontoons. The M shape of this fender provides flexibility and it can therefore easily follow the contour of a bow or stern. This type of fender has a wide and flexible contact surface. The grooves on the top provide extra grip and three flexible legs to ensure good contact and sturdy attachment. M fenders can be mounted on a small radius and they are relatively lighter than W fenders. The three mounting holes in M fenders facilitate easy and accurate installation.

M Type Rubber Fenders are also used for pushing. They provide a large flat contact face for very low hull pressures – useful when working with soft hulled ships such as tankers and bulk carriers. The grooved profile gives extra grip and the M Fender can easily be mounted around on straight sections and fairly small radii at the bow and stern quarters of a tug.

M fenders are produced from an extremely durable type of rubber. Lengths are often no longer than 2000 mm and they are produced by means of compression-moulding. The most common dimensions are kept in stock and can therefore be delivered at short notice. M fenders, W fenders and Keyhole fenders are not interchangeable.
M fenders are relatively easy to install. Mounting often takes place with the help of fixing pins through three standard openings. M fenders are available in various lengths and they can be cut at an angle. If the fenders are longer than one meter an opening for a support strip can be added.
M fenders are used to protect:
• tugboats
• workboats
• icebreakers
• barges
• supply boats
• pontoons
• corners of quays
• bridge sections

Type h s w t b m d e f g k i r q
M300 300 396 60 33 204 140 750 640 140 70 35 105 24 230
M400 400 528 80 44 272 150 1000 870 165 82 41 120 30 290
M500 500 660 100 55 340 160 1250 1090 180 94 46 140 33 325
M600 600 776 120 66 408 170 1500 1310 195 100 50 160 36 430
M800 800 1035 160 88 544 180 2000 1740 270 136 68 260 48 430

M Type fenders are installed on to the bow and the aft portions of Ocean going tugs, to product the hull of the vesse, against damages caused during pushing and pulling operations / towage . These fenders are installed in similar manner as those of key Hole Fenders.

W type Fenders are also available. 

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