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High Quality Type Marine Shock Cell For Barge Bumper Systems

Brand Name:Deyuan Marine
Application: Barge bumper systems
Delivery to China port: Shanghai Port
Sizes: Customer's design and specifications are accepted.
Lifespan:10 years
Warranty:2 years
Delivery Time:7 days

Product Description

High Quality Type Marine Shock Cell  For Barge Bumper Systems

Deyuan Marine Products line of Marine Shock Cell is a durable design for diverse marine applications. The most common use is for barge bumper systems, either alone or with an Eccentric Bumper Ring (EBR), as part of the Guardian System. The purpose of the Barge Bumper Shock Cell is to mitigate impact loads between offshore structures and vessels during docking.Barge Bumper Marine Shock Cell greatly reduces the magnitude of the impact load imparted to the offshore structure by absorbing the impact energy over an extended deflection. The Load Curve provides a soft touch for incidental contact and becomes increasingly stiff to endure large impacts. For additional energy absorption and reduced impact loads, The Guardian System is recommended.

High Quality type Shock Cell offers high energy absorption and low reaction force, It is convenient for installation and maintenance.

We can design and produce the Shock Cell according to the drawings and technical requirements you request. We guaranteed products at a competitive price and quality. At present, our products have a very good sale in domestic and overseas market. We wish to cooperate with you to create a bright future and mutual benefit.

If you are interested in our Barge Bumper Systems Shock Cell , welcome to send the inquiry or call our sales team directly , we will handle your case quickly and quote for you .

Marine Shock Cell For Barge Bumper Systems Parameter:
Shock Absorber

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