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High Performance Type W Marine Dock Rubber Fender

Brand Name:Deyuan Marine
Production Method: Extruded or Vulcanized
Material: NR, EPDM
Colour: Black
Sizes: Customer's design and specifications are accepted.
Lifespan:10 years
Warranty:2 years
Delivery Time:7 days

Product Description

High Performance Type W Marine Dock Rubber Fender 

W Marine Rubber Fender is typically mounted to a dock or a ship to counteract the collision force between the dock and the ship generated during mooring and berthing,thus preventing ships and docks from being damaged.

Boat dock Marine Rubber Fender are designed for use in extreme conditions and to absorb excessive bumps and knocks. This type of W Rubber fender is very suitable for application on the bow and stern of tugs, workboats and icebreakers. The grooves on the top of the fender provide extra grip and low pressure while pushing. With two flexible legs also allow for easy installation of  ship dock Rubber Fender with a large or small radius by means of guide rods.

Dock W fenders are made from extremely durable rubber, Lengths are often no longer than 2000 mm and they are produced by means of compression-moulding. The most common dimensions are kept in stock and can therefore be delivered at short notice. W Rubber fender, M fenders and keyhole fenders are not interchangeable.

High Performance Rubber Fender offers high energy absorption and low reaction force,It is convenient for installation and maintenance.

High Performance Marine Rubber Fender Feature:

1.High energy absorption and low reaction force.

2.Reasonable structure and long useful life.

3.Be installed firmly and replaced easily.

4.Length can be as per client's requirement.


Type W Rubber Fender Advantage:

1.Made of tough wear resistant synthetic rubber to withstand the most severe service.

2.Provide wide flexibility in design, allowing custom fit to hull curves and varying vertical coverage requirements.

W Type Rubber Fender Parameter :

Spec A B C H a
480×300 480 420 260 300 65
500×350 500 420 260 350 80
500×450 500 422 265 450 100

Note:Other sizes are available upon request

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