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Marine Rubber Fender Ship Rolling Rubber Fender Tugboat Wheel Roller Fender

Type: Rolling Rubber Fender
Brand: Deyuan Marine
Material: High quality natural rubber
Part: Galvanized chain and tire
Application: Dock fender, ship fender
Lifetime: 20 years

Product Description

Marine Rubber Fender Ship Rolling Rubber Fender Tugboat Wheel Roller Fender

The Wheel & Roller Fenders help vessels to manoeuvre into berths and narrow channels, especially at lock or dry dock entrances and exposed berth corners.

Wheel Fenders have a sliding axle with rear idler rollers to absorb the greatest possible energy. Roller Fenders have a fixed axle making them ideal for the walls of docks and locks.
Ship Rolling Rubber Fender benefit from zero maintenance composite bearings and rugged steel casings which can be easily adapted where customers have special mounting requirements.

Deyuan Marine offers both roller and wheel type fenders for the use of corner dock protection and water way guidance.  Both Port and Dock Wheel Roller Fenders are ideal for enabling passing ships to glide effortlessly around the corner or side of a dock.  Wheel fenders are more suitable in applications where impacts are likely and energy absorption is a necessity while roller fenders are sufficient in applications where ships are required to be guided along rather than absorbing the energy of a significant impact. Rolling wheel will upload part of vertical pressure energy.

All Wheel & Roller Rubber  Fenders  are made in China, which makes it more competitive in the world.

Spec A
Max. deflecti on.
Z1 Z2 Z3 Tolerance
Reaction force
Energy absorbpti on
Reaction force
Energy absorbpti on
Reaction force
Energy absorbpti on
1200×400 1200 400 431 248 48 496 96 744 144 ±10
1500×500 1500 500 541 388 94 776 187 1166 281
1800×600 1800 600 650 559 162 117 323 1676 485
2100×700 2100 700 762 761 257 1519 514 2283 770
2400×800 2400 800 851 990 383 1980 766 2969 1147

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