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Vessel Electric Motor and Hydraulic Jack Up System Crane

Brand: Deyuan Marine
Type options: Shell leg structure/Leg structure
Pile Elevation: 6000t; 3000t
Water depth: 60m; 120m
Legs No. : 3~6
Movement mode: Intermittent & or continuous
Control: CCS.,etc.,

Product Description

Jack Up System
Jack up system is to elevate wine power installation platforms. It prevents seawater’s loading effects on platforms, and assures the platforms’ stability and safety. It can be designed and manufactured according to users’ requirements. Optional solutions are: power - electric motor-hydraulic drive, diesel engine-hydraulic drive and variable-frequency drive. Drive mode – pin or rack-and-pinion. Movement mode – intermittent or continuous. Structural form – shell leg or leg. Design and manufacturing conform to the latest international standards, norms and classification society norms. They have also obtained many classification society certificates, such as DNV, GL, ABS, LR, BV and CCS, etc.
Outstanding features:
1.Convenient floating, greatly stable operation, strong water depth adaptability, and strong ocean environment adaptability.
2.Finite element mechanics analysis on the structure. Used ultra-strong materials for manufacturing to assure optimized products.
3.Advanced and precise electrical system.
4.Highly effective and reliable hydraulic system.
5.24-hour constant temperature (controllable temperature) spraying workshop to assure products’ corrosion resistance and quality.
6.Whole-machine process (large digital control boring and milling machines, vertical lathes and gantry milling, etc.) to assure processing precision.
7.Strict and traceable process control (traceable raw materials and whole-process inspections) to assure product quality.

Shell leg structure
Single pile elevation: 6000t
Suitable water depth: 60m
Number of legs: 4-6
Drive mode: pin, rack-and-pinion          
Movement mode: intermittent, continuous
Leg structure
Single pile: 3000t
Suitable water depth: 120m
Number of legs: 3-6
Movement mode: continuous

More jack up system can be offered,pls contact us for more details.

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