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Electric Hydraulic Timber Grab Log Grab Bucket For Wharf

Origin: Made in China
Application: Wharf, log yard
Driven: Electric hydraulic
Mounted: On crane
Medium: Timber
Lifting height: 9M
Working amplitude: 3M
Variable range: 0-72
Warranty: 1 Year
Brand: Deyuan Marine

Product Description

Electric Hydraulic Timber Grab Log Grab Bucket For Wharf

Timber grab log grab bucket according to the crane or construction machinery situation can be divided into: electric hydraulic timber grab, hydraulic timber grab, electric timber grapple, single cable timber grab, double cable timber grab, four cable timber grab, etc. Grab bucket is widely used in Wharf, steel mills, forest, power plants, ships, etc. with high efficiency, high performance and very druable feature.

The Timber Grab is a kind of efficient tool for loading and unloading log, which is suitable to be used on the site such as port, forestry center and woodyard. Timber grab mainly consist of up bearing beam assembly, down bearing beam assembly, bearing bar assembly wire rope and bucket unit. Electric hydraulic timber grab bucket’s hydraulic system mainly consists of motor, hydraulic pump, coupling, valve, oil return filter, cylinder, tubing and other components.

This kind of timber grab is working with tower crane, gantry crane, very suitable for loading and unloading wood in log yard or wharf. We can supply many different type of garb, can also tailor- made according to customer specifications.

Type LSQ066
Max Lifting Momen 6.6T.m
Max Working Range 7.18m
Min working amplitude 3m
Max lifting height 9.1m
Rotation Angle 415°
Variable range 0~72
Max Lifting rated quality 2200Kg
Installation 1500mm
Crane Weight 1300Kg
Leg span 2272~3624mm
System flow 63L/min
Max working pressure 26MPa
Recommended Power 30KW

More dock timber grab can be offered,pls contact us for more details.

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