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40T Hydraulic Shipboard Gantry Crane for Deepwater Pipelay Vessel

Brand: Deyuan Marine
Lifting capacity: 40T@30m
Rotation angle: 360 °
Alarm system: sound and light
Safety institutions: Customized
Control system: Customized

Product Description

Shipboard Gantry Crane
Suitable for deepwater pipelay vessel, hoisting use on boats or fishing equipment work barge, the crane body assembly can walk under the gantry, with the exception of the upper structure can be 360 ° unlimited rotation, but also in offshore facilities - pipe-laying vessel, salvage laying on a ship or barge track walk, or walking can point to the desired position on the lifting cargo from other ships, crane operating range can cover the entire ship, wider adaptability.

Shipboard gantry crane can provide dynamic lifting capacity of 40T@30M meters, and can according to user requirements with full variable frequency drive and control system, or machine, hydraulic drive system, and can according to user's demand of all kinds of safety protection institutions and sound and light alarm system, meet the safety requirements of offshore operation conditions.
More shipboard gantry crane can be offered,pls contact us for more details.
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