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Marine Panama Towing Chock DIN 81915 D Type For Ship

Name: Towing Chock
Standard: DIN 81915
Type : D Type
Color: as per yr request
Material: cast steel
Delivery time: according to order quantity
Payment terms: TT,western union,paypal,credit card

Product Description

Marine Panama Towing Chock DIN 81915 D Type For Ship

Marine Panama towing Chock was made of cast iron or cast steel or stainless steel,it is commonly use to guide ropes for ships/vessels.According to the position on board,we divided into open type and closed type mooring towing chock,meet with the standard of JIS2005/2007/2030,DIN81915,Spanish,EU,GB,CB etc.Installation of the mooring chock can be deck-mounted or bulwark mounted.


Our standard deck equipment is manufactured to industry norms such as MSC 1175 and OCIMF MEG 3 recommendations and comma; ensuring compliance with Class requirements often without the need for design approval and period;The range of deck equipment standards published by ISO in 2012 have been accepted by IACS as complying with the norms mentioned above and this simplifies the specification process for the designers.

The Marine Panama chock is a very important mooring equipment , in the process of mooring ship , it bears huge loads , usually the Panama towing chock , ship bollards , mooring deck or bulwark mounted chock for the whole ship mooring use , the general bow and stern of ship blocks the bollard fairlead, quantity large . Of intermediate section above without or bollards,fairlead rarely . Fairlead is oblique chock more insurance , because it is closed , the cable will not jump out .

Per the DIN 81915 D Type Towing Chock,Deyuan marine can offer a wide variety of sizes and features, drawings also are available , of coz , we also produce the specific types of chocks as you required. If you are interested in our Ship Panama Towing Chock, please feel free to contact us. 

Marine Panama Towing Chock DIN 81915 D Type Specification :

Type d I2
D3 40 140
D5 45 160
D8 50 180

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