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DY Type Marine Single-leaf Steel Weathertight Door

Material: Steel
Leaf type: Single leaf
Clear size: Customized
Color: White or customized
Feature: Weather tight
Waterproof test: Under nozzle diameter 12.5mm,water pressure 0.25Mpa
Certificate: RINA, RS, NK, LR, KR, CCS, GL, DNV, ABS Class

Product Description

DY Type Marine Single-leaf Steel Weathertight Door

Level D steel door could as required with fixed steel round window which diameter 2500mm, code "G"
Level D steel door test request: It should passed the hose test from top to bottom,without water pressure requirement.
Clear Size  Cut-out Size Door Leaf Size Door Leaf Thickness Dog Clip
Wxh W2Xh2 CF CY W1Xh1 t t=4 t=6
1050 500X1000 600X1100 R80 R150 555X1055 4 3 50X5 57.3  -
1260 600X1200 700X1300 R80 R150 655X1255 4 3 50X5 69.1  -
1460 600X1400 700X1500 R80 R150 655X1455 4 3 50X5 76.2  -
1475 750X1400 850X1500 R80 R150 805X1455 4 3 50X5 85.6  -
1490 900X1400 1000X1500 R80 R150 955X1455 4 4 50X5 132.1  -
1660 600X1600 700X1700 R80 R150 655X1655 6 3 65X6 - 111.0 
1675 750X1600 850X1700 R80 R150 805X1655 6 3 65X6 - 126.0 
1690 900X1600 1000X1700 R80 R150 955X1655 6 4 65X6 - 146.7 
1860 600X1800 700X1900 R80 R150 655X1855 6 3 65X6 - 121.0 
1875 750X1800 850X1900 R80 R150 805X1855 6 3 65X6 - 137.5 
1890 900X1800 900X1800 R80 R150 955X1855 6 4 65X6 - 156.4 

Marked sample:Level D single-leaf  square-corner steel weathertight door(ORB) which clear size 1600X600,
door leaf thickness 8,stiffener 65X6.
Marked as: SINGLE-LEAF STEEL WEATHERTIGHT DOOR   DF1660-6-65X6-5.1   GB/T 3477-1996
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