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Marine A60 Weathertight Double-leaf Steel Door For Ship

Origin: Made in China
Type: Weathertight door
Door leaf: Double leaves
Fireproof: A60
Clear size: 1400*1800mm, etc
Door plate thickness: 95mm
Certificate: CCS, BV, NK, DNV etc
Delivery time: 10-30days
Payment terms: TT, western union, paypal etc
Brand: Deyuan Marine

Product Description

Marine A60 Weathertight Double-leaf Steel Door For Ship

Marine A60 weathertight steel door suitable for accommodations with A60 fireproof and weathertight requirements, it is a double functions door. The door is manufactured in accordance with GB/T 3234. And approved by leading classification societies. The fire rating of the above type steel weathertight door is A60, which is with 60 minutes fire-resistant time. 

We offer not only marine weathertight fireproof door with A60 fire rating, but also A30, A15, A0, B15, B0 etc fire rating, marine steel door leaf can be double and single leaf, door size and thickness can be supply as per customer required.

If you interested in this kind of fire proof weathertight door, Please contact us for more information. 

No Nomial size(mm) Cutout in steel wall Extemal size(mm) Leaf thickness
B×L×R100 B1×L1×R150 B2×L2×R200
1 1000×1400 1100×1500 1200×1600 95
2 1200×1600 1300×1700 1400×1800
3 1400×1600 1500×1700 1600×1800
4 1400×1700 1500×1800 1600×1900
5 1400×1800 1500×1900 1600×2000
6 1600×1600 1700×1700 1800×1800
7 1600×1800 1700×1900 1800×2000
8 1600×2000 1700×2100 1800×2000

Ldentification example:
A60 weathertight double-leaf steel door with clear size of 1600×2000:
A60 weathertight double-leaf steel door 1600×2000 262WDF080
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