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Ship Steel Watertight Hinged Type Door With Hydraulic Operating System

Origin: Made in China
Type: Watertight door
Operated type: Hydraulic operating type
Clear size: 500*1000mm, etc
Door plate thickness: 14mm
Certificate: CCS, BV, NK, DNV etc
Delivery time: 10-30days
Payment terms: TT, western union, paypal etc
Brand: Deyuan Marine

Product Description

Ship Steel Watertight Hinged Type Door With Hydraulic Operating System

Ship watertight door is widely use for engine room and the other locations to meet water-pressure requirement. This type is a marine steel watertight door with hydraulic operated system, the mechanism part of this steel door includes door fame, door plate, guide roller and cylinder braket. The hydraulic part consists of hydraulic pump unit (includig motor, oil pump, electromagnetism change valve, throttle, overflow valve, one way valve, level switch, high-low pressure relay, low pressure relay, level controller, etc.), oil cylinder, hand pump, hand change valve, accumulator and pressure guage, etc. And the electric part includes start up alarm box, alarm lamp and bell, limit switch and button box.


We can supply different size for this kinds of door, material steel, aluminium and stainless steel are available, Please contact us for more information. 

1.Hydraulic pump unit installed on deck or local with working pressure of approximately 7MPa.
2.Two cyclinders pre-installed.
3.Hose test pressure of 0.06MPa.
4.Above drawing indicates aright opening door.symmetric with left opening.
No Nomial size(mm)
Cutout in steel wall
Extemal size(mm)
Leaf thickness
Material Max. pressure
1 500×1000 650×1150 720×1220 14 Steel 0.06MPa
2 600×1200 750×1350 820×1420
3 700×1400 850×1550 920×1620
4 700×1600 850×1750 920×1820
5 800×1600 950×1750 1020×1820

Ldentification example:
Hydraulic watertight hinged door with clear size of 600×1200,right type B opening.
Hydraulic watertight hinged door B600×1200R 262WDF059
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