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Marine Hydraulic Watertight Fire Sliding Door With Hydraulic Operating System

Origin: Made in China
Type: Watertight door
Operated type: Hydraulic sliding type
Driven: Hydraulic system
Application: Under waterline
Certificate: CCS, BV, NK, DNV etc
Delivery time: 10-30days
Payment terms: TT, western union, paypal etc
Brand: Deyuan Marine

Product Description

Marine Hydraulic Watertight Fire Sliding Door With Hydraulic Operating System

The marine hydraulic watertight sliding door is always used for working vessels or ships, for engine & steering gear rooms with watertight bulkhead. Above type sliding watertight door is driven by hydralic which means it has a hydraulic system which can be mounted near the doors or other place.

This kind of doors mainly includes three parts: mechanism, hydraulic and electric.

The mechanism part includes door fame, door plate, guide roller and cylinder braket. The hydraulic part consists of hydraulic pump unit (includig motor, oil pump, electromagnetism change valve, throttle, overflow valve, one way valve,level switch, high-low pressure relay, low pressure relay, level controller, etc.), oil cylinder, hand pump,hand change valve, accumulator and pressure guage, etc. 

The electic part includes start up alarm box, alarm lamp and bell, limit switch and button box.

We can supply many types of this marine watertight sliding doors, welcome contact with us if you are interested in it.

Used for watertight divisions under waterline in accordance of relevant rules.

No Nomial size(mm) Extemal size(mm) Cutout in steel wall Opening direction
B×L (B+280)/(2B+830)×(L+280) Normal Integrated
(B+200)×(L+200) (B+580)×(L+280)
1 500×1000 780/1830×1280 700×1200 1080×1280 L

2 600×1200 880/2030×1480 800×1400 1180×1480
3 700×1400 980/2230×1680 900×1600 1280×1680
4 700×1600 980/2230×1880 900×1800 1280×1880
4 700×1800 980/2230×2080 900×2000 1280×2080
5 800×2000 1080/2430×2280 1000×2200 1380×2280

Ldentification example:
Hydraulic watertight sliding door with clear size of 800×2000,left opening.
Hydraulic watertight sliding door 800×2000 262XDF015B
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