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Boat Marine Steel Type No-watertight door With Round Window

Place of Origin: China
Type: No-watertight door
Material: Steel
Color: Customization
Size: Base on Your Need
Transport Package: Wooden Tray / Steel Tray as Per Your Requirements
Certificate: RINA, RS, NK, LR, KR, CCS, GL, DNV, ABS


Product Description

Boat Marine Steel Type No-watertight door With Round Window

Non-watertight doors are mainly used for accommodation, working cabin, public cabin and storage room. There are many kinds of materials, including steel doors, aluminum doors, glass steel doors, wooden doors, glass doors, steel mesh doors and screen doors. According to the mode of opening and closing, there are hinge doors, sliding doors and spring doors. In addition, there are multiple closed and closed doors, and a single fan with four fans and a right open left. Additional glass, ventilated grille and other accessories can be added for the cabin lighting and ventilation. The passenger cabin door shall also have a kicking emergency escape hatch.

Clear Size Cut-out Size FB
B X L B1 X L1 t Weight(kg)
500X1000 560X1060 - -
600X1200 660X1260 3 40
600X1400 660X1460 3 43
650X1550 710X1610 3 51
650X1650 710X1710 3 51
800X1650 860X1710 3 64
Door opening direction as rule GB 11874-89
Steel semi-watertight door test request: 
It should passed the hose test from top to bottom,without water pressure requirement.

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