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Push Type Azimuthing Electrical Podded Propulsor for Offshore Rigs

Brand: Deyuan Marine
Pd Bollard pull: 4--12(MW)
Bollard pull thrust: 550--1750(kN)
Weight: 60--160(t)
Speed: Up to 19KN (Open water)
Applications: Offshore rigs;Tankers;Cruise ships,etc.

Product Description

PUSH Type Azimuthing Electrical Podded Propulsors
The pushing pods are designed for low speed, high load and high bollard pull applications. Fitted with a hydrodynamically optimised nozzle for maximum efficiency, they enable offshore operators to utilise the full benefits of space saving electrical pod propulsion.
The propeller is a fixed pitch high skew design for low noise and vibration. It can be supplied as a monobloc or with separately bolted blades, that can be simply changed in the event of damage.All pods are equipped with robust, environmentally friendly seal systems with no oil release to sea even in the event of a failure.
Typical applications for all types:
* Offshore rigs
* Tankers
* Cruise ships
* Ro-Ro ferries
* Naval vessels
* Ice-going vessels

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