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Hydraulic Motor Powered Azimuth Thruster With Marine Class Certificate

  • Deyuan Marine


Product Description

Hydraulic Motor Powered Azimuth Thruster :
Hydraulic azimuth thruster can be welded to the transom or sides of vessels, barges or platforms.frequent immersion from wave action is no problem.the engine and hydraulic power unit may be installed on deck or in an engine room at any convenient location.
Options and Features:
The recommended for dynamic positioning applications, double-ended river ferries and similar applications where thru 360 degree steering is required. It uses a multi-port hydraulic swivel assembly and hydraulic motor powered slewing drives for steering. TILT - Hydraulic swing up of the outdrive leg LIFT - Vertical Hydraulic power depth adjustment
Model Power Rating  Dia of propeller  Thrust 
(HP) (mm) (t)
RFHP50 0-50 620 0-0.7
RFHP100 50-100 830 1-1.4
RFHP200 100-200 950 1.5-3.2
RFHP300 200-300 1000 3.4-4.4
RFHP400 300-400 1180 4.7-6.2
RFHP500 400-500 1300 6.5-7.7

More hydraulic motor powered azimuth thruster can be offered,pls contact us for more details.

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