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Marine Hydraulic Azimuth Ship Thruster/Rudder Propeller For Sale

Origin: Made in China
Application: For ships
Type: Azimuth
Power source: Hydraulic
Delivery time: 1-2 month
Packing: Export Packed
Warranty: 1 Year
Brand: Deyuan Marine

Product Description

Hydraulic Azimuth Ship Thruster
With a hydraulically driven rudder propeller the hydraulic motor can be placed on the side of the top gear drive (Z-drive type), or at the top of the gear drive (L-drive type).
Hydraulic propulsion is recommended specifically for large vessels that need considerable hydraulic power packs for other large hydraulic systems on-board, e.g. large cranes or winches. The hydraulic power packs can be combined and used for various purposes.
Advantages of hydraulic drive:
*Small motor allows for a compact fit
*The hydraulic power pack can be used for multiple purposes
More hydraulic azimuth ship thruster can be offered,pls contact us for more details.
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