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Bulwark Mounted Panama Chocks DIN81915 Chock Type A

Place of Origin: China
Brand:Deyuan Marine
Type:Bulwark Chock Type A
Installation: Bulwark mounted
Material:Cast Steel
Application: Mooring

Product Description

 Bulwark Mounted Panama Chocks DIN81915 Chock Type A

DIN81915 Panama single chock product descriptionIntroduction of  DIN81915 Chock Type A

DEYUAN MARINE supplies a comprehensive range of deck mounted or bulwark mounted Panama Chocks  for temporary mooring. All materials used for our Panama Chocks are covered by Class Certificates.

Type A DIN81915 Chock is a kind of bulwark mounted panama chock and made from carbon steel castings with good craftmanship.

As per Panama Rules, DIN81915 Chock Type C can be categorized as 

  • Type A2-A8 Single Chock According to Panama Rules

  • Type A12-A32 Double Chock According to Panama Rules

Clients can choose the suitable chocks according to the working conditions, but if you have no idea on how to choose it, pls feel free to contact us for a catalog.

Per DIN81915 Chocks, we have  totally four types for your options, that's 

  • DIN81915 Chock, bulwark mounted,Type A, A2 to A32

  • DIN81915 Chock, deck mounted, Type B, B3, B5, B8

  • DIN81915 Chock, deck mounted, Type C, C2 to C32

  • DIN81915 Chock, deck mounted, Type D, D3, D5, D8

DIN81915 Panama double chock technical parameters

Panama Chocks DIN81915 Chock Type A

Model SWL
Mass Dimensions(mm)

kgs L W H H1 A B
A2 20 26 360 200 315 70 160 115
A3 30 42 450 250 390 75 200 140
A5 50 74 550 300 480 80 250 180
A8 80 120 680 360 585 90 320 225
A12 125 185 840 440 710 110 400 270
A20 200 285 1020 520 840 130 500 320
A32 320 795 1300 700 1100 150 600 400

Panama Chocks DIN81915 Type A

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