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Deck Mounted Chock NS2588 Mooring Chock for Ships

Place of Origin: China
Brand:Deyuan Marine
Type: Mooring Chock
Installation: Deck mounted
Material:Cast Steel
Application: Mooring

Product Description

Deck Mounted Chock NS2588 Mooring Chock for Ships

NS2588 fairleaders for ships product descriptionIntroduction of NS2588 Mooring Chock for Ships

DEYUAN MARINE provides full range of NS Chocks including NS2587 Chock, NS2588 mooring chock, NS2589 fairlead, NS2590 mooring chock to meet with different requirements of different project.

NS2587 and NS2589 are bulwark mounted fairleads, NS2588 and NS2589 are deck mounted fairleaders.

All our NS standard mooring chocks are made from high quality cast steel and can be delivered with different Class approval certificate like CCS, BV, LR, ABS etc.

If you are looking for any NS tandard mooring chocks for your project, pls feel free to contact us at any time.

Deck Mounted fairleaders for ships technical parametersDeck Mounted Chock  NS2588 Mooring Chock for Ships

Standard Nominal sizes L x H x P Weight
NS2588 200x150 330 x 280 x 130 28.5
300x200 458 x 358 x 158 63.3
400x250 600 x 450 x 200 135

NS2588 mooring pipe for ships

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