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Azimuth Thruster with Contra-Rotating Propellers for Car Ferries

Brand: Deyuan Marine
Power Rating: 60HP~3500HP
Speed Rating: 750~1800rpm
Propeller dia.: 1050mm~2800mm
Special merit: With contra-rotating propellers
Approved by: ABS,LR,DNV,GL,BV,RINA,BKI etc
Application: Used in ships with special demands or with special limits

Product Description

Contra-rotating Azimuthing Propellers
The Contaz also represents a new way of designing and building ships, and to arrange its power and auxiliary systems for maximum economy, utilisation and comfort. Every unit is
specifically designed and built for the particular ship it is going to serve.
The overall benefits are better outline arrangement,better propulsion efficiency, better fuel economy,better course keeping stability and reduced vibration and noise.

* Combined design propeller and nozzle together, enlarge diameter of propeller and low down its rotate speed, which keep high propulsion efficiency and enhance thrust force;
* Carefully design the rudder-rod profile and its displace from propeller, which improve propulsion efficiency and reduce vibration, especially reduce steering torque; 
* Adopt high-strength gear and bearing of high speed, seals and pipeline also being carefully design, which improve the system’s reliability and longevity;
* The steering mechanism can be drived by electrical motor or hydraulic motor;

* According user’s requirement, azimuth thruster can be retractable.

Azimuth thruster with contra-rotating propellers combine the structure advantages of the contra-rotating propellers and the flexibility of Azimuth thruster. While providing All-directional propulsive force, the diameter of the propellers is shortened, the propulsive efficiency is improved, the vibration and noise is decreased effectively. They are mainly used in ships with special demands or with special limits, such as transportation ships, car ferries, ships for spilt oil recovery, sanitation engineering ships and others. The power range of the products is from 60HP to 3500HP.

ModelPower Rating(HP)Speed Rating (r/min)RatioDia of propeller (mm)

Typical applications:

* Passenger/car ferries

* Offshore supply vessel

* Offshore service vessels

* Offshore stand-by vessels

* Coastal ferries

* Naval vessels

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