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4500KW Alloy Azimuthing Pulling Propeller for Naval Vessels

Input power: 150 ~ 4500 kW
Input speed: 500 ~ 1800rpm
Blade diameter: 1100mm ~ 4500mm
Material: Alloy
Control system: Remote
Versions: CP/FP
Certificate: CCS,ABS, BV, NK, KR, DNV, LR

Product Description

Azimuthing Pulling Propeller
The Azipull combines the advantages of an azimuthing thruster offering high manoeuvrability, and a low drag,highly efficient propulsor, enabling high speeds. The flexibility of the unit is also enhanced by the fact that it is available in both CP and FP versions. The Azipull is delivered with remote control systems.
Internally, it has a purely mechanical drive system based on well-proven technology using bevel gears at the top and bottom of the leg. Power is fed to the unit through a horizontal input shaft within the hull, and the unit incorporates its own steering motors for azimuthing. 

Typical applications: 
* Offshore supply/service vessels 
* Offshore stand-by vessels 
* Coastal ferries 
* Cargo vessels 
* Naval vessels

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