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70T Ship's Cross Bitts Cast Steel Single Cruciform Bollard Stainless Steel Double Bitts

Type: Ship's Cross Bitts
Brand: Deyuan Marine
Nominal Size: 150mm, 200mm, 250mm, 300mm, 350mm
SWL: 12T, 26T, 39T, 56T, 70T, etc.
Material: Cast steel, stainless steel, etc.
Certificate: ABS, BV, GL, DNV, CCS, mill certificate etc.
Service life: 10-15 years
Payment Terms: T/T, L/C, Western Union, Paypal
  • Name: Single cruciform bollard
  • Material: cast steel
  • Standard: CB/T554-96
  • Service life: 10-15years
  • Warranty : 2years
  • Delivery time: depends on order

Product Description

70T Ship's Cross Bitts Cast Steel Single Cruciform Bollard Stainless Steel Double Bitts

Cruciform Bollards / Ship's Cross Bitts are designed according to DIN 82603, JIS F 2804:1976, CB/T554-96, GB/T 10106-88, cast steel and stainless steel are more common, if need nominal size 200mm, SWL of our Cross Bitt is 225 KN (26 Tons), Upon request, custom –made bollards can be designed.

Mooring Cross Bitts have two types, single bitt and double bitts, it is a system for connecting and disconnecting tugboats onboard mercant vesels. The system can be installed on all types of vessels and the main purpes whith the system is to help the crew and owner to reduce the risks and difficulties during the operation. 

Shipboard bitts aboard wooden sailing ships (sometime called cable-bitts) were large vertical timbers mortised into the keel and used as the anchor cable attachment point. Shoreside bitts are carefully manufactured and maintained to avoid any sharp edges which might chafe and weaken the mooring lines.

Mooring lines may be laid around the bitts either singly or in a figure-8 pattern with the friction against tension increasing with each successive turn. As a verb bitt means to take another turn increasing the friction to slow or adjust a mooring ship's relative movement.

Deyuan Marine offer full range of marine bollards, marine bitts for ships and vessels, most popular and common one is double bollards, single cross bitts for small ship also available.
we have type A, type B for selection. They cast from good quality steel and approved by CCS, ABS, DNV, BV, LR etc.
Wire rope's max diameter
Hemp rope's max diameter
Diameter of synthetic fiber rope
D D1 B H h t d d1 r A Screw(mm) Weight
Diameter of thread QTY
    50  8.7     75      16    50    65    135    190    8    85    6    25    35    25    85      M16  4 2.8
    75  11.5     90      20    75    95    185    290    12    135    7    42    52    35    115    M22  4 8
  100  13.5   100    24   100   120   235   350  18 160   7    50    65    40    155    M27 4   15 

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