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3T Vertical Type Hydraulic Mooring Wire Rope Capstan

Brand: Deyuan Marine
Color: Customized
Type: Vertical
Warping Load: 5KN~250KN
Wire diameter: 11~46mm
Warping speed: ≥15m/min or ≥18m
Certificate: CCS,ABS,BV,KR,LR.,etc.,

Product Description

3T Vertical Type Hydraulic Mooring Wire Rope Capstan

Hydraulic driven type mooring capstan normally have two type of mounted way, one is completely mounted above deck with a outer case; Another one is without outler case for the motor and gear device, so the motor and gear will be hanging on the installation flange below the deck or concrete level.

Hydraulic Mooring Rope Capstan :

Name Warping Load Warping Speed Wire Dia
(KN) (m/min) (mm)
5KN Hydraulic Mooring Rope Capstan 5 ≥18 Φ11
10KN Hydraulic Mooring Rope Capstan 10 ≥18 Φ11
15KN Hydraulic Mooring Rope Capstan 15 ≥18 Φ13
20KN Hydraulic Mooring Rope Capstan 20 ≥18 Φ15
30KN Hydraulic Mooring Rope Capstan 30 ≥18 Φ17.5
50KN Hydraulic Mooring Rope Capstan 50 ≥18 Φ20.5
70KN Hydraulic Mooring Rope Capstan 70 ≥15 Φ26
100KN Hydraulic Mooring Rope Capstan 100 ≥15 Φ28
120KN Hydraulic Mooring Rope Capstan 120 ≥15 Φ32.5
150KN Hydraulic Mooring Rope Capstan 120 ≥15 Φ36.5
200KN Hydraulic Mooring Rope Capstan 200 ≥18 Φ40
250KN Hydraulic Mooring Rope Capstan 250 ≥18 Φ46

More hydraulic mooring rope capstan can be offered,pls contact us for more details.

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