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Offshore Vessel Vertical Hydraulic Tugger Capstan 300KN With CCS

Origin: Made in China
Struction: Compact design
Working load: 300KN
Speed: 10-30m/min
Driven: Hydraulic or Electrc
Mount: Vertical
Voltage: 380-440V
Certificate: CCS, ABS, DNV, RINA, GL etc
Brand: Deyuan Marine

Product Description

Offshore Vessel Vertical Hydraulic Tugger Capstan 300KN With CCS   

Tugger capstan is specially designed for the service on offshore support vessels, such as AHTS (anchor handling tug supply), multi-role field supplier and work barges. A small size hydraulic tugger capstan is often designed to help the crew to operate heavy towing gears, such as chain bridles, towing plates and large towing wires used in anchor handling or ship handling work. This hydraulic tugger capstan is usually equipped behind the superstructure at the cargo deck of offshore vessels. Tugger capstan is widely used for deck handling and pipeline handling or even dragging items along tracks. Our factory can provide various sizes of hydraulic tugger capstans from 10KN-300KN. 

hydraulic marine Capstan is a vertical axled rotating machine. It can apply force to ropes, cables, and hawsers. The principle is similar to that of the windlass, Typically, it uses a gearbox which trades reduced speed, relative to the prime mover, for increased torque. 

The capstans consist of valve blocks with function of brake and overload protection, hydraulic motor, planetary gearbox, wet type brake, capstan head, frame and so on. Due to fitted with valve block, the design of HPU can be simplified, and reliability of drives can be improved.

Main features of this boat tugger capstans are below:

1. This capstan can adopt electric or hydraulic drive.

2. Configurations are vertically mounted.

3. Warping head of the capstan uses cast steel.

4. Rated pull of the 1st layer can reach from 10KN - 300KN.

5. Max wire speed of this capstan winch is 30m/min.

6. Local control is available for customers.  

Boat small size tugger capstans mainly supply with certificate such as CCS, ABS, DNV, BV, RINA, BKI etc. Welcome contact with me if you want any this marine tugger capstans!

Technical Details :

Tugger Capstans
Model HTW-10~300 ETW-10~300 HC-5~200 EC-5~200
Drive Hydraulic or electric Hydraulic or electric Hydraulic or electric Hydraulic or electric
Type Single or double drum Single or double drum Vertical Vertical
Rated load 10KN~300KN 10KN~300KN 5KN~200KN 5KN~200KN
Rated speed 10~30m/min 10~30m/min 10~20m/min 10~20m/min
Holding load 20KN~500KN 20KN~500KN 20KN~500KN 20KN~500KN
Dia.wire φ13~42mm φ13~42mm φ13~32mm φ13~32mm
Drum capacity 50~500m 50~500m 50~500m 50~500m
Clutch Hydraulic/handle operated jaw type
Brake Spring loaded hydraulic release/handle operated type
Power required 4~90kw 4~90kw 4~75kw 4~75kw
Control Local control& remote control in wheelhouse
Option Length &tension monitoring system
More tugger capstan can be offered,pls contact us for more details.
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