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  • 2019-05-06

    What Is The Fire Hose

    What Is The Fire HoseFire hoses are used to transport high-pressure water or flame-retardant liquids such as foam. The traditional fire hose is lined with rubber and the outer surface is covered with linen weave. Advanced fire hoses are made of polymeric materials such as polyurethane.

  • 2019-05-05

    Deyuan Marine Panama Chocks

    Panama Chocks (also referred to as Panama Bows) are Round or oval steel castings which are indispensable cable guide devices in the process of ship stopping, the chocks are used specifically for the guidance of rope mooring lines on board a large ship or vessel.

  • 2019-04-28

    Introduction Of Marine Towing Arrangement

    The towing arrangement is a special equipment for towing on ships, towboats or floating bodies that are often used for towing operations. It also includes equipment for towing and anchoring offshore platforms on tugboats during marine development operations. This is because the functions required by the two are similar, some devices can be shared, and the relationship is closely related.

  • 2019-04-25

    New Order and Shipping of Solid Float Rubber Oil Containment Boom

    New Order and Shipping of Solid Float Rubber Oil Containment BoomChine Deyuan Marine finished new order and shipping of Solid Rubber Oil Containment Boom in this week. Total 400M(1*40ft GP container) been fished and arranged shipping to Panama.

  • 2019-04-19

    Marine Cargo Handling equipment

    Marine Cargo Handling equipmentCargo handling equipment is the special equipment for loading and unloading cargo on board ships. The loading and unloading of liquid cargo utilizes the transport pump on board, and the bulk cargo can be transported by special conveyor belts, marine cranes or boom-type