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  • 2018-12-28

    Ship Electric Power System Composition Introduction

    1. Ship power system compositionThe ship power system is mainly composed of power supply, power distribution device, power grid and load. Power supply: A device that converts mechanical energy, chemical energy, and other energy into electrical energy. The power supply units commonly used on ships ar

  • 2018-12-21

    Introduction and classification of marine pumps from China Deyuan marine

    A pump is a liquid transporting machine that converts the mechanical energy of a prime mover into the mechanical energy of a liquid. Marine pumps refer to all kinds of pumps for use by ships that meet the requirements of ship specifications and technical conditions. On board, they are often used to transport various liquids such as sea water, fresh water, sewage, lubricating oil and fuel oil. In order to achieve this goal, it is necessary to increase the pressure energy and potential energy of the transported liquid, or to overcome the resistance of the liquid flowing in the pipeline. Therefore, in essence, the pump is used to improve the mechanical energy of the liquid. There are many applications of pumps in ship systems, such as ballast pumps, bilge pumps, fire pumps, daily water pumps, cargo oil pumps for transporting other liquids, etc.

  • 2018-12-14

    China Deyuan Marine Generator Set Up To 1800KW

    The marine generator has a wide range of application in tug, yachts, ferry, patrol boat, dredging and offshore etc. normally, a generator set will consist of the engine, alternator and control system. we China Deyuan Marine can supply many types of generator set, the power range from 20KW up to 1800KW, the brand of engine we mainly supply Cummins, Yuchai, DEUTZ, MWM, Volve, Perkins etc, the brand of alternator we offer famous brand, such as Marathon, Stamford, if customer has special brand required, we can also satisfy.

  • 2018-12-07

    Differences Between a High Speed Pump And a Low Speed Pump

    Recently, many customers asked about the difference between a high speed pump and a low speed pump. They asked:Many equipment manufacturers of the same type of pump will distinguish between 2900 2900 and 4125. What is the difference between a 2-pole motor and a 4-pole motor?Why divide the 2-pole and

  • 2018-11-30

    A nice annual trip of Deyuan marine to Xi'an

    Last week, Deyuan marine went to xi 'an for an annual trip. Xi'an, the capital of Shannxi Province, is stuated in the fertile Wei RiverValley. One of the few Chinese cities where the ancient foetress walls can still be seen.Xi'an dates back more than 3,000 years and has impressive collection of archaeological relies to help explain its rich history. Formerly known as Chang'an("ternal Peace"), the city of Xi'an had served as a capital under 13 dynasties.