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Marine Usage High Quality Lifeboat Test Water Bag For Sales

Brand:Deyuan Marine
Product Name:Marine Water Bag
Type:Marine Usage
Package:Standard Package
Payment:T/T,L/C ,Paypal
Delivery time:1-30 days
Transport :By sea or others
Origin :China

Product Description

Marine Usage High Quality Lifeboat Test Water Bag For Sales 

Lifeboat Test Water Bags are designed in bolster shape. Test Water Bag is equipped with fill/discharge fittings, handles, automatic relief valves which can be activated once the water bags achieve the designed weight.

Because of Marine Water Bag convenience and high efficiency advantages. Nowadays Load Test Water Bag system is widely used for the distributed proof load testing for the lifeboats.Many other equipments that need distributed proof load testing. Such as crew bastes, gangways, small bridges and so forth.Lifeboat water bags are available in the following capacities : 100kgs, 250kgs, 375kgs, 430kgs, & 500kgs.

Deyuan Marine High Quality Water Bag Specifiation:

* New type of Multi-Purpose Load test products.

*Light weight, Small volume, convenient transportation .

*Security and environmental protection, energy-saving and cost-reducing .

*Lateral drain, reduce bottom pressure. Make it more safe, more convenient when filling .

*High Frequency Welding technic

Life Boat Test Bag feature:

*Special fabric bag body can be folded during transport.

*Fabric quality is light, strength, easy to carry and reduce transportation cost.

*High strength fiber sling crossed the Marine Lifeboat Water Bag body. Make the water bag more safety.

*Safety, environmental protection, non-toxic materials.

*Low temperature resistance, resistance to water, oil resistance, good alkali resistance 

*Suitable for ambient temperature -50°C—80°C , adapt to the cold and hot area.

*The biggest advantage of Good Price Water Bag is pressure testing

*OEM Acceptable, we can make water bag according to customer's requirements  

We have Test Water Bag For Sales now .If you need more information please let us know .

LoadDimension(mm)Fixed ButtonEmpty weightMaterial
100kg4408504 pairs3kgPVC
250kg44017004 pairs5kg
300kg44020004 pairs5.2kg
375kg44026004 pairs6kg
400kg46026004 pairs9kg
500kg50026004 pairs11kg

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