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A Light Weight Crane And Davit Load Test Water Bag

Brand:Deyuan Marine
Capacity:2T to 50T
Application:Loading Test
Material Thickness: Around 1.5mm
Payment term:T/T ,L/C,Paypal ,Western Union etc
Delivery Time:15 days
Certificate: ABS, LR, DNV, GL, BV, NK, KR, CCS

Product Description

A Light Weight Crane And Davit Load Test Water Bag

Proof load water bag is specifically designed to use water in place of traditional solid weights for loading test. This system allows for a much safer and practical method for load testing for most of the lifting equipment and load bearing structures, such as deck cranes, pedestal cranes, offshore cranes, and general purpose cranes.

DEYUAN MARINE water weight bag is made of special material which comes ready with quick-set water inlet and outlet with hoses, gather slings,  shackles, and master link.The use of proof load test water bags is recognized world wide as an efficient and cost effective solution for the offshore annual crane test.DEYUAN MARINE crane and davit water bags are available in the following capacities : 1MT, 2MT, 5MT, 10MT, 20MT, 25MT, 35MT, 40MT& 50MT.


The Load Test Water Weight Bag are manufactured in accordance with ISO 9001 : 2008 Quality Management Standard and got BV type certificate.

Using water bags for your proof load testing requirements has many advantages:

1:Safe:The bags have a physically proven factor of safety in excess of 6:1 and are proof load tested to over 2:1 prior to being taken into service.

2:Since water bags are constructed from a light weight and pliable PVC fabric, they can be rolled up and packaged into containers that allow for economical shipping to your work site - across the China and worldwide from our service center in China. The packaged weight of water bags is approximately 1% of its weight when filled with water.

3:Application of test loads occurs gradually as the water bag is filled with load water.  This prevents shock loading and allows for the early identification of technical problems with the equipment being tested.  It is also possible for the operator to stage up to the final proof-load using intermediate hold points and test hoisting/braking capability of equipment prior to reaching full test load.

4:Release of test fluid is performed by draining water from the water bags, avoiding the need to lower the test load in critical or hazardous areas.

5:Because of their compact size, water bags and load measurement equipment can, in many cases, be transported by pick-up truck and small commercial trailers.

We may build to your special and unique requirements. If you want to know more about our Light Weight Water Bag ,kindly send email and discuss with us.

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