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Good Price For Marine Lifeboat Water Proof Canopy Light

Brand:Deyuan Marine
Product Name:Lifeboat Canopy Light
Type:Water Proof
Protection Class:IP56
Flash frequency:50-70/min
Payment:T/T,L/C ,Paypal
Delivery time:1-30 days
Origin :China

Product Description

Good Price For Marine Lifeboat Water Proof Canopy Light

Lifeboat Canopy Light equipped on the lifeboat of life-saving device. Lifeboat External Light is suitable for the night to the ship fell down and rescue personnel indicating jackets or life buoy position at sea .In order to achieve the purpose of rapid rescue.

Deyuan Marine Lifeboat Light/ Rescue boat is a special display lamp for new lifeboat .The performance of the Marine Life Boat Light meets the requirements of the haian club for MSC.81 (70).This Canopy Light provide stable and effective light signal for the upper half of the lifeboat .Good Price Lifeboat Light provides accurate and eye-catching guarantee for timely rescue.All the Marine Lifeboat Canopy Light with CCS certificate .

Below is the specification of Water Proof Canopy Light for your information :

*The Lifeboat Water Proof Canopy Light uses DC 12V voltage which can be used after the power supply on the boat. The voltage fluctuation should not exceed the plus or minus 10%. The fluctuation will affect the performance and service life of the lamp.

*The Proof Canopy Light should be installed at the high end of the hull or in bold position to indicate orientation.

*The Life Boat Canopy Light is sealed and can not be opened by itself. Otherwise it will affect the sealing performance of the lamp.

We have Lifeboat Canopy Light For Sales now .More information please contact us .Hope to hear your inquiry soon .

Power supply 12V
Power 13W
Beam color White
Flash frequancy 70/per min
Working temperature -30°c-65 °c 
IP Grade IP5.5

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