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Manual Or Hydraulic Type Quick Release Marine Harbour Towing Hook

Brand:Deyuan Marine
Part:Marine Towing Hook
Warranty period: 12 Months
Payment term:T/T ,L/C,Paypal ,Western Union etc
Delivery Time:15 days
Certificate: ABS, LR, DNV, GL, BV, NK, KR, CCS

Product Description

Manual Or Hydraulic Type Quick Release Marine Harbour Towing Hook

Marine Harbour Towing Hook is installed on the ship's deck , the foundation can be welded or bolted onto the ship's deck. Quick Release Towing Hook is a device that enables the ships to be towed safely under severe working conditions , and allows the towing line to be released whether slack or under full safe working load ,Harbour Towing Hook can be released manually or through remote control from the wheelhouse by pulling the release wire or by pushing a button. We also can offer with either a hydraulic towing hook or pneumatic release mechanism for remote control systems.

Pneumatic release harbour towing hook is released by pneumatic release mechanism, it can reduces the labor intensity and improve the labor efficiency,safety and reliability. This type release hook can finish the operation in a short time for protecting the safety of ships and personnel , then it will avoid the big losses.

Deyuan Marine can produce manual Harbour Towing Hook , also others types , include pelican hooks, single quick release mooring hook ,manual release disc marine  towing  hook,pneumatic spring marine  towing hook,manual release spring marine  towing hook,pneumatic disc marine  towing hook,manual release marine harbour towing hook ,double quick release mooring hook ,triple quick release mooring hook ,quadruple quick release mooring hook and so on.

The features of Harbour type towing hook :

1. Durable, long lifetime. 

2. Warranty period: 12 Months.

3.Life Time: 20 years  

4. Excellent quality and fair price 

5.SWL : 150kN, 200kN,  300kN, 400kN, 500kN, 600kN,800KN,1000KN. 

6.Test load :300kN, 400kN, 600kN, 800kN, 1000kN, 1200kN,1600KN,2000KN. 

7.Release load:150kN, 200kN,  300kN, 400kN, 500kN, 600kN,800KN,1000KN.

8.Pneumatic Release from wheel house

9. Manual Release at hook body      

10.Offer scope: Towing Hook, Stainless Cylinder, Solenoid Valve, Rubber Hose. 

11. Electric-Pneumatic Remote Control system. 

12. Electric-Hydraulic Remote Control system. 

13. Radial arm construction and fixed radial construction. 

14.Load Monitoring System for continuous measurement of towing loads. 

Deyuan Marine is specialized in manufacturing and exporting marine equipment . To guarantee good quality, we follow ISO9000 standards to inspect our goods. From raw material purchase to pre-shipment inspection, we keep an eye on every step to ensure the satisfaction of our customer on quality , Our  Harbour Release towing hook are approved by ABS, BV, CCS, DNV, EC, GL, KR, LR, NK and RINA.

 Various  kinds of marine towing hooks are available as your requirement. If you want to get more information, kindly feel free to contact us.

Manual Release Marine Harbour Towing Hook Data Sheet:

Safe working load
Test load
Release load
150 300 150 52 521 571 100 100 150 40 174 316 65 110 50 100 100 150
300 600 300 143 788 868 160 130 225 60 268 461 96 180 80 125 125 207
450 900 450 289 1023 1123 200 160 260 80 350 616 130 210 100 148 148 224
562 1125 562 352 1073 1183 200 180 290 90 350 616 130 250 110 170 170 245
1000 1500 1000 526 1159 1279 230 200 330 100 400 700 150 250 120 212 212 333

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