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Linked Cylinder Oscillating Type Marine Electro-hydraulic Steering Gear

Brand: Deyuan Marine
Torque: 8~320KN.M
Drive: Electro-hydraulic
Shifting Time: ≤12/20/28S
Rudder pushing: Oscillating type
Advantages: Forces balance
Certificate: ABS,RINA,LR,DNV,BV,BKI,etc.

Product Description

Linked Cylinder Oscillating Type Marine Electro-hydraulic Steering Gear

The rudder-pushing device is oscillating type, also called swing type or tilt type. A couple of cylinders act on the tiller. The piston rod's straight reciprocating movements can make the tiller working. This rudder-pushing device has the advantages of balance the forces, convenient to maintenance etc.

Hydraulic Steering Gear consists of Steering mechanism, power system and control system.

Marin type of Steering mechanism:

1. Four-ram hydraulic steering gear

2. Fork type(two-ram) hydraulic steering gear)

3. Swing/tilt cylinder type

4.Rotary Vane Steering Gear

Options of pilot type for control system:

1.Follow-up pilot

2.Auto pilot

3.Emergency manual pilot

4.Engine drive pilot

Steering time and power: comply to SOLAS rules, or better as per customer's requirements.

In this case here, the steering gear system consists of Swing/tilt cylinder type steering mechanism, two motor pump packs, reserve oil tank, control panel and start&alarm boxes.

There are two or three type of swing type cylinder steering gear:

1.Two cylinder single tiller

2.Two cylinder double tillers

3.Two cylinder two tillers

4.In this case, it is two cylinder single tiller, if hope to use type but require two tillers, we could arrange two set of the means of “Two cylinder single tiller”.

If you happen to need a steering gear system, pls do not hesitate to contact us for full service.

Model Torque Rudder Shifting Time Emergency Way
DYB (KN.M) (S)
DYB 8 ≤12/20/28 Emergency way for river-going:
8-16KN.M:energy storge device
20-200KN.M:DC motor pump ststions
Emergency way for sea-going:
8-320KN.M Hand pump
DYB 10-16
DYB 20-30
DYB 30-40
DYB 50
DYB 63
DYB 75-100
DYB 125-160
DYB 200 ≤20/28
DYB 250-320

More oscillating type electro-hydraulic steering gear can be offered,pls contact us for more details.

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