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Cylinder Fork Type Electrical Hydraulic Yacht Steering Gear

Brand: Deyuan Marine
Type: Cylinder Fork Type
Torque: 10~50KN.M
Shifting Tim: ≤12/20/28S
Steering Angle: 65°
Drive: Electrical Hydraulic
Certificate: ABS,RINA,LR,DNV,BV,BKI,etc.

Product Description

Cylinder Fork Type Electrical Hydraulic Steering Gear
It is different from piston fork type, its char-acteristic is that it had changed the piston reciprocating movement into cylinder reciprocating movement. Two ends of the piston rod are fixed on the foundation. So it not only kept the traditional advantages of piston-fork steering gear but also has the following advantages: Small volume, light weight, convenient to maintenance, especially suits to be used of all kinds of ships.

Model Torque Rudder Shifting Time Max Steering Angle Emergency Way
DYC (KN.M) (S) (°)
DYC 10-16 ≤12/20/28 65 Emergency way for river-going:
8-16KN.M: energy storge device
20-200KN.M: DC motor pump ststions
Emergency way for sea-going:
8-350KN.M Hand pump
DYC 20-40 ≤12/20/28 65
DYC 50-63 ≤12/20/28 65
DYC 75-100 ≤12/20/28 65
DYC 125-160 ≤12/20/28 65
DYC 200-250 ≤20/28 65
DYC 300-350 ≤20/28 65

More cylinder fork type electrical hydraulic steering gear can be offered,pls contact us for more details.

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