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Yacht Plunger Ram Fork Type Electro-hydraulic Steering Gear

Brand: Deyuan Marine
Cylinder: V-type rudder seal ring
Torque: 10~1000KN.m
Shifting time: ≤12/20/28s
Drive: Electro-hydraulic
Certificate: CCS
Advantages: Simple, reliable, well output torque

Product Description

Yacht Plunger Ram Fork Type Electro-hydraulic Steering Gear

The fork-shifting rudder-pushing device is making the Plunger Ram do the reciprocating movements in the cylinder, then through the fork-type tiller output. The cylinder we adopted to use V-type rudder seal ring. This rudder-pushing device has features of simple structure, reliable operation, easy maintenance and well output torque.

Hydraulic Steering Gear consists of Steering mechanism, power system and control system.

Marin type of Steering mechanism:

1. Four-ram hydraulic steering gear

2. Fork type(two-ram) hydraulic steering gear)

3. Swing/tilt cylinder type

4.Rotary Vane Steering Gear

Options of pilot type for control system:

1. Follow-up pilot

2. Auto pilot

3. Emergency manual pilot

4. Engine drive pilot

Fork Type Steering Gear 1-DEYUAN MARINE

Steering time and power: comply to SOLAS rules, or better as per customer’s requirements

In this case here, the steering gear system consists of plunger cylinder type steering mechanism, two motor pump packs, reserve oil tank, control panel and start&alarm boxes.

There is a cylindrical pin in the middle of the striker, and a square sliding block is arranged on the outer cover of the pin. When the striker moves, the slider rotates around the cylindrical pin and slides in the fork-shaped end of the tiller.

Fork Type Steering Gear2-DEYUAN MARINE

The fork type has the same torque characteristics as the cross head type, but the side thrust is borne by the striker without a guide plate. The structure is simple, and the processing and disassembly are convenient.

The crosshead is replaced by a shift fork, and the distance R from the axis of the striker to the axis of the rudder stock. It can be reduced by 26%, and the maximum stroke of the striker is also reduced, the floor space is reduced by 10% to 15% compared with the crosshead type, and the weight is reduced by about 10%.

Model Torque Rudder Shifting Time Emergency Way
DYA (KN.M) (S)
DYA 10-16 ≤12/20/28 Emergency way for river-going:
8-16KN.M:energy storage device  
20-200KN.M:DC motor pump stations
Emergency way for sea-going:
8-1000KN.M Hand pump
DYA 25-30 ≤12/20/28
DYA 30-40 ≤12/20/28
DYA 50 ≤12/20/28
DYA 63 ≤12/20/28
DYA 75-100 ≤12/20/28
DYA 125-160 ≤12/20/28
DYA 200 ≤12/20/28
DYA 250-320 ≤20/28
DYA 350 ≤20/28
DYA 400-500 ≤28
DYA 500-600 ≤28
DYA 700 ≤28
DYA 800 ≤28
DYA 1000 ≤28

More piston fork type electro-hydraulic steering gear can be offered,pls contact us for more details.

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