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10 Inch TFT Dual-channel Sounder


Product Description

10 Inch TFT Dual-channel Sounder
DS2020, echo sounder with a 10.4 inch, high resolution graphic LCD, continuously shows echo graphics on the LCD along with complete navigational details.
*Digital signal processing
*Dual-channel &dual-frequency selection
*Easy installation,simple operation and high quality
*Multiple protection of over voltage &counter-polarity
10 Inch TFT Dual-channel Sounder
Item Specification
Graphical Display 10inch color TFT LCD 640*480pixels
Frequency 200kHz(dual-channel)
Power supply DC24V (19V-36V)
Accuracy +1.0%-1.0% of range
Min Detectable Depth 0.3m
Alarm 0.4-15m shallow alarm
Time scale 30s,Uninterrupted cycle display
Product protection Over voltage/over current/counter-polarity protection
Temperature -10-+40℃,IEC60945
Water proof 10%-90% relative
Host protection IP23
Transducer IP66
Measurement H264xW270XD93
Mounting Table/Ceiling/Flush mounting

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