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Yokohama Fenders Pneumatic Rubber Fender With Chains and Tire Nets

Type: Pneumatic Rubber Fender
Brand: Deyuan Marine
Material: Natural rubber with synthetic tyre cord
Technology: Anti-Explosion. Very durable.
Warranty: 18 Months
Service life: 12-15 years
Standard: ISO17357 : 2014
Certificate: CCS, ABS, BV, GL, etc.

Product Description

Yokohama Fenders Pneumatic Rubber Fender With Chains and Tire Nets

Pneumatic rubber fender is the advanced anti-collision device for marine application the world today, use compressed air as medium to absorb the impact energy when ship to ship contact(STS) and ship to berthing(STB). Comparing with tradintional bumper style rubber fender, it has the following advantages: more energy absorbtion, less reverse impact on ships, less weight, easy installation, softer and economical, etc. So, pneumatic rubber fenders are widely used by large tankers, PG vessels, ocean platforms, large docks, harbor and wharves.

We manufacture the Pneumatic rubber fenders comply with the ISO 17357 standard. The tire nets are the most common used pneumatic fenders and equipped with a so-called “netting”. The “netting” consists of car/truck tires placed with horizontal and vertical chains as a net to the fender (also available with aircraft tires). The tire net adds extra protection to the fender body. At each end the chains are fastened to a flange and towing ring with shackles. The horizontal and vertical chains, the towing ring, shackles and swivel are galvanised to prevent corrosion. The chains are covered by rubber sleeves to prevent damage to the skip. As an option the towing ring, flange and swivel are also available in stainless steel.
All Pneumatic net type fenders come with an internal pressure of 0.5 Bar. All dimensions can be produced and supplied with 0.8 internal pressure.

Features of Yokohama Fenders
1. High energy absorption and low reaction force and surface pressure.
2. No decline in the rate of energy absorption when obliquely compressed, under normal circumstances, and uniform surface pressure for any contact area.
3. Low reaction force to prevent damage from repeated impacts against the hull of ship, quay, jetty or mooring rope.
4. Ability to float and thus rise and fall with the ebb and flow of tides and the movements of a ship.
5. High standard of uniform quality in compression performance with no deterioration of the rubber.
6. Easy installation.

Deyuan Marine offer high quality Pneumatic rubber fenders with very competitive price, welcome friends contact us for business opportunities.

Technical Parameters

TypeInitial pressure(Po)is 0.05MpaInitial pressure(Po)is 0.05Mpa

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