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Steering Repeater


Product Description

Steering Repeater
SR362,gyro repeater, receives NMEA0183 signal and points out the vessel heading. Adjustable highlight LED backlight facilitates night observation. 
*NMEA0183 Data Reception
*High-precision instructions (1°)
*360° compass intuitive display
*touch sensitive button
Steering repeater
Item Specification
Gyrocompass Display compass
Brightness adjustment 6levels adjustable
Signal indication Loss of signal instructions
Instruction Accuracy ±1°
Instruction range 0-359°
NMEA Port RS422 Output 2pin NMEA A/B
Power supply 24V DC (18-36V)≤4.8W
Operating temperature -15 to +55 degree ceisius.
Suggest to be 0 to +40 degree celsius
Storage temperature -20 to +70 degree celsius
Humidity 10-90% relative to condensation
Protection IP23

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