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RAI900-2C Single Waterproof Indicator

  • Deyuan Marine

Product Description

RAI900-2C Single Waterproof Indicator
Single Waterproof Indicator is used to ship rudder angle of accurate information in real time on the bridge, cockpit and other places need to show the rudder angle information display of a device.
Project Data
System rudder Angle display error  not more than 1 ° (relative to the actual rudder Angle)
Power supply DC24V
Measurement range of rudder angle 50°~+50°
Rudder angle sampling resolution 0.1°(12-digit A/D converter)
Rudder angle data transmission frequency 5 times/s
Default sampling step for linear compensation 5°      
Input data port RS-422 standard
Format of input data in compliance with IEC-61162
Ambient temperature 15℃~+55
Humidity       93±2(ambient temperature 25℃~40)

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