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RAI900-1 Three-face Rudder Angle Indicator

  • Deyuan Marine

Product Description

RAI900-1 Three-face Rudder Angle Indicator
Three-face Rudder Angle Indicator is used to ship rudder Angle information accurately in real time on the bridge, the cockpit need to display the rudder Angle information such as a set of device for display.

Main Parameters :
Project Data
System rudder Angle display error  not more than 1 ° (relative to the actual rudder Angle)
Power supply DC24V
Measurement range of rudder angle 50°~+50°
Rudder angle sampling resolution 0.1°(12-digit A/D converter)
Rudder angle data transmission frequency 5 times/s
Default sampling step for linear compensation 5°      
Input data port RS-422 standard
Format of input data in compliance with IEC-61162
Ambient temperature 15℃~+55
Humidity       93±2(ambient temperature 25℃~40)

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