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Depth Sounder / Fish Finder Tester


Product Description

Depth Sounder / Fish Finder Tester
SIM992 is a precision instrument designed for generating the reply echo pulse for all types of depth sounders and fish finders.
*professional facility for echo sounder and fish finder signal testing
*accurate measurement of frequency,width,period and amplitude
*precise simulant echo signal of sea bottom and fish school
*portable,convenient for on board usage
Depth Sounder / Fish Finder Tester
Item Specification
Dimension 87(H)X208 (W)X215(D)mm
weight 2kg
Power supply DC24V AC110/220V 50-60HZ
Consumption 3w
temperature 0-50℃
Humidity 10%-90% relative humidity
storage -20+70℃
waterproof IPX2
LCD 20X2 Character LCD
Input Freq. 10-599.9kHz
Output Freq. 0-599.9kHz
Output pulse width 0-39990us
Output depth  0-999.99m
Mode Fish &bottom

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