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Marine ship aluminium alloy gangway ladder for sale

Origin: Made in China
Length: As per customer required
Width: 600mm
Material: Aluminium alloy
Certificate: CCS, BV, ABS, Nk etc
Delivery time: 10-30days
Packing: Export package
Brand: Deyuan Marine

Product Description

Marine Ship Aluminium Alloy Gangway Ladder For Sale

product description

Ship Aluminium Alloy Gangway Ladder

Aluminium Alloy Gangway Ladder ,also called aluminium  wharf ladder, is a narrow walkway or platform that provides safe access to a ship, to allow passage or people and/or cargo to/from docks, moored marine vessels.All DEYUAN MARINE's aluminium shore gangway manufactured from a special aluminium alloy, making them extremely lightweight, resistant to loads and without maintenance costs.

Features and Benefits

*Designed as per the standard of CB3116 & ISO7061

*Made from corrosion resistant aluminum alloy

*Fully-fixed type and detachable type for option

*Truss wharf ladder available upon request

* Light duty and heavy duty gangways for option

*Bespoke designed available

*IACS class certificate for option upon request

technical parameters

Type A: All-in-one designed gangways

Type Main Dimensions(mm)
L l H h Weight (kg)
A8 8000 3200 350 180 182
A10 10000 4830 500 250 221
A12.5 12500 4830 550 300 296
A15 15000 7230 750 500 362

Type B: Detachable designed gangways

Type Main Dimensions(mm)
L l H h Weight (kg)
B8 4000 4000 350 180 205
B10 5000 5000 500 250 244
B12.5 6250 6250 550 300 319
B15 7500 7500 750 500 388

Aluminium Alloy Wharf Ladder--DEYUAN MARINE

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