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Marine Aluminium Wharf Gangway Ladder 15000mm with Handrail for Port

Origin: Made in China
Application: Port, boat dock
Type: Wharf ladder
Material: Aluminium
Length: 15000mm
Width: 60 or 80cm
Handrail: Rope or chains
Certificate: CCS, BV, GL, NK, ABS etc
Delivery time: 7-15days
Brand: Deyuan Marine

Product Description

Marine Aluminium Wharf Gangway Ladder With Handrail For Port

product description

Marine wharf gangway ladder is widely used for the dock, port, offshore, etc.. It is used to embark or disembark the boat & vessels.

Marine wharf gangway ladder mainly including rope and stanchions and ladder frame.

Wharf Gangway Ladders we can supply aluminium material and steel material, above type is aluminium wharf ladder, it is made of the finest quality seawater-resistant aluminum.Available in standard sizes up to 15 meters, This wharf ladder strength test has been carried out according to the requirement of the ISO7061-93. This solid construction features heavy duty aluminum anti-slip floor and aluminum treads.

We can also accept customized as per customer specifications,more marine wharf gangway ladder information, kindly contact with us!

technical parameters

Aluminium Wharf Gangway Ladder Parameter

Model Main dimension(mm) Weight
L l H h
A8 8000 3200 350 180 182
A10 10000 4830 500 250 221
A12.5 12500 4830 550 300 296
A15 15000 7230 750 500 362

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