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Bend Type Aluminium Gangway Ladders for Jetty

Design: Bend type
Material: Aluminum Alloy
Certificate: mill
Delivery time: In stock or 7days
Payment: TT or LC
Place of origin: China
  • Deyuan Marine

Product Description

Bend Type Aluminium Gangway Ladders for Jetty

Jetty shore gangways Philippines product description

Introduction of Aluminium Gangway Ladders for Jetty

Bend type aluminum gangway is a narrow walkway or platform that provides safe access to a ship, to allow passage or people and/or cargo to/from docks, moored marine vessels.

We can supply the following aluminium wharf ladders,accommodation gangways

Detachable aluminium wharf ladder

Lever-plate type aluminium wharf ladder

Truss wharf ladder

Bend type wharf ladders

Beam type gangways

Flat type gangways

Arc step wharf ladder

Fixed gangway

Folding gangway

Jetty shore gangway

Wharf ladder

Bespoke Truss styles gangway ladders available upon request.

All DEYUAN MARINE'S gangways are standard equipped with:
- Aluminium non-slip walking surface
- Cross ridges for foot support
- Clear width 0.60 meter between the rigging.

- Removable aluminium stanchions, complete with double rope-ey

for rope-railing and protection lines.
- 2 nylon wheels for the quay-side and 2 railing hooks and 2 lashing
 eyes for the ship-side.
- Maximum angle of usage: 30 degrees

Other options that can be required: fixed aluminium handrails, steps instead of flat walking surface, hoisting slings, safety nets, ramps etc

Note:Specification may change without any notice.

Aluminium gangway ladders for Jetty technical parameters

Type A: All-in-one Designed

Type Main Dimensions(mm)
L l H h Weight (kg)
A8 8000 3200 350 180 182
A10 10000 4830 500 250 221
A12.5 12500 4830 550 300 296
A15 15000 7230 750 500 362

Type B: Detachable Designed

Type Main Dimensions(mm)
L l H h Weight (kg)
B8 4000 4000 350 180 205
B10 5000 5000 500 250 244
B12.5 6250 6250 550 300 319
B15 7500 7500 750 500 388

Bend type Jetty shore gangways

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