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  • 2020-07-08

    Quick-Opening-Closing Watertight Steel Door/Marine Watertight Door

    This door has two features: one is weathertight,another is quick acting.As a weathertight door,it has excellent weather tightness.As a quick acting door, it can be opened and closed quickly and lightly.It saves time and reduces noise. There are two types: lever-operated quick acting weathertight door and wheel-operated quick acting weathertight door. Excepting quick acting weathertight door, we provide hinged weathertight door and sliding weathertight door.

  • 2020-06-30

    Deyuan Marine Diesel Engine Driven Emergency Fire Pump

    Our diesel emgergency fire pump is designed according to the CCS standard,maily used for emergency fire protection on vessels or industrial and mining enterprises,port terminals,warehouses etc.

  • 2020-06-23

    DIN 81906 German Standard Anchor Releaser

    Anchor releaser is a device for abandoning an anchor when a ship encounters a sudden danger. There are many forms of anchor releasers ,such as simple anchor releasers, spiral anchors releasers and bolt-type anchor releaser. DIN81906 Anchor Releaser is an anchor releasing device, when a ship in an em

  • 2020-06-23

    Introduction of Marine Fans & Blowers

    Marine fan is a kind of centrifugal fan used to deal with large flow, low and medium pressure air.
    Marine fans are mainly used in ships:
    1. Ventilation of various cabins;
    2. Various marine air conditioners;
    3. Boiler drum and induced air;
    4. Hovering and propulsion of hovercraft;
    5. Submarine ascent;
    6. Ventilation of various pressurized cabins;
    7. Inert gas, incineration, regeneration, air purification and other systems.

  • 2020-06-18

    Do you know Marine Water Sport PVC Inflatable Dinghy Boat ?

    Inflatable Dinghy Boat is one popular water sport boat in recent days .Some one regards it as the Inflatable Fishing Boat .Water Sport Inflatable Dinghy Boat made by high quality PVC material . And also very hot-sale in most coutries

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