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Marine Hydraulic Anchor Windlass with Double Gypsy and Warping End

Driven: Hydraulic
Type: Double gypsy
Warping end: Available
Chain dia.: Φ14-73mm
Speed: ≥9m/min
Warranty: 12months
Packing: Steel case
Origin: Made in China
Certificate: CCS, BV, DNV, GL etc
  • Power: Hydraulic driven
  • Chain size: φ12--φ120mm
  • Certificate: CCS,ABS,RINA,DNV,BV,LR etc
  • Application: designed to wind or unwind chains cable
  • Warranty : 12months

Product Description

Marine Hydraulic Anchor Windlass With Double Gypsy And Warping End 

Hydraulic Anchor windlass, also know as electric hydraulic anchor windlass, it designed to wind or unwind chains of ships anchors. anchor windlass is normally design to be single gypsy and double gypsy anchor windlass, they are widely use on all kinds of ships, anchor windlass via anchor chain to anchoring the anchor when ship berth or unwind anchor when ships start sailing. it is a very important equipment to make sure ship sailing safely at sea.

A hydraulic system was employed for driving the hydraulic anchor windlass, customer can buy it with or without HPU as per their special request. 

A cable lifter, which also means gypsy is designed to grab the anchor cable, mooring drum for paying out or letting go of mooring wires or mooring rope. Mooring drum and warping end for anchor windlass are for optional. We can supply a anchor windlass with anchor, anchor chain, chain stopper and chain wheel for hawser pipe, anchor release device etc as a package.

Notice: When a vesse is going to use a double gypsy windlass, should confirm the distance between centre of the gypsy before producing. And if the distance is too long, could consider using two sets of single gypsy windlass, one left type while another one right type.

Class approval certificate ABS,CCS,LR,DNV,BV,RINA,BKI etc are for option,pls feel free to contact our sales team at any time.

Hydraulic Anchor Windlass Parameter:
Name Chain Dia. Working Load Supporting Load Working Speed Warping Load Motor Power
(mm) (KN) (KN) (m/min) (KN) (KW)
Hydraulic Anchor Windlass
Φ14/16/17.5 8.3/10.9/13.0 51/67/80 ≥9 8 5.5
Anchor Windlass
Φ19/20.5/22 15.3/17.9/20.6 95/110/126 ≥9 10 7.5
Hydraulic Anchor Windlass
Φ19/20.5/22 24.5/28.7 149/175 ≥9 20 11
Anchor Windlass
Φ28/30 33.3/38.3 202/231 ≥9 30 15
Hydraulic Anchor Windlass
Φ32/34/36 43.5/49.1/55.1 261/294/329 ≥9 30 22
Anchor Windlass
Φ38/40/42 61.4/68.0/75.0 365/402/442 ≥9 40 30
Hydraulic Anchor Windlass
Φ38/40/42 82.3/89.9/97.9 483/526/570 ≥9 50 37
Anchor Windlass
Φ50/52/54 106.3/114.9/123.9 617/664/713 ≥9 50 45
Hydraulic Anchor Windlass
Φ56/58/60 133.3/143.0/153 764/816/870 ≥9 60 55
Anchor Windlass
Φ62/64 163.4/174.1 925/982 ≥9 80 55
Hydraulic Anchor Windlass
Φ66/68 185.1/196.5 1040/1098 ≥9 100 75
Anchor Windlass
Φ70/73 208.3/226.5 1160/1254 ≥9 100 75

Drawing for reference:
Hydraulic anchor windlass

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