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CCS Approved 450KW Marine Hydraulic Pump Station For Marine Windlass

Place of Origin: China (Mainland)
Brand Name: Deyuan Marine
Type: Single or multi-El. Motor
HYD. Pressure:160-250bar
HYD. Flow: 60~1000L/min
Customized: Accept
Package: Export standard
Certificate: CCS, ABS, BV

Product Description

CCS Approved 450KW Hydraulic Pump Station For Marine Windlass 

The hydraulic Pump Station is a hydraulic device unit which consists of hydraulic pump, driving motor, fuel tank, directional valve, throttle valve, overflow valve, etc. 

Hydraulic Pump Station is an independent hydraulic device, it is required by the drive device (host) to supply oil and control the direction of oil, pressure and flow. It is suitable for the host and hydraulic devices can be separated under a variety of hydraulic machinery, driven by the motor pump Rotate, pump oil from the tank after the oil, the mechanical energy into hydraulic oil pressure energy.

The hydraulic system is characterized by wide application, high efficiency and simple structure in power transmission.The main task of the hydraulic system is to shift the power from one form to another.

We can design and product various hydraulic pump stations according to customer requirements.
Hydraulic Pump Station
Model EHP-4~450 DHP-50~4000
Drive Electric-hydraulic Engine-hydraulic
Type Single or multi-El. Motor Single or multi-pump
HYD. Pressure 160-250bar 160-250bar
HYD. Flow 60~1000L/min 150~12000L/min
Power Reqired 4~450KW 50~4000KW
Control Local control & Remote control in wheelhouse
OPtion Free/Fan/Water Cooling

More marine windlass hydraulic pump station can be offered,pls contact us for more details.

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