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Marine Aluminium Hollowed Cabin Door For Ship Insulation Bulkhead

Origin: Made in China
Type: Aluminium hollowed Door
Clear size: 800*1750mm
Location: Insulation Bulkhead
Application: Boat, ship
Certificate: CCS, BV, NK, DNV etc
Delivery time: 10-30days
Packing: Export package
Payment terms: TT, western union, paypal etc
Brand: Deyuan Marine

Product Description

Marine Aluminium Hollowed Cabin Door For Ship Insulation Bulkhead

The marine aluminum hollow cabin door for ship meets the standards CB/T3281-85. This standards applied for aluminum hollow door which meets calss C fireproof demand. Aluminium hollow cabin door is used for cabin of various kinds of ships or warships. It is made of aluminum alloy with new structure and good weathertight. The door surface is anodized baking finish or PVC covered, It is anti-aging and resistant to corrosion. 

All our aluminium doors carry out below requirements before delivery:

1. All doors carry out strength test, make sure they make meet the strength requirement.

2. All doors carry out Opening and closing test, make sure the flexibility of all doors.

3. The surface of doors don’t have any flaw like scratch and concave-convex

4. When close or open the door, the door frame aren’t out of shape and become less crowded

5. The alloy aluminum will carry out anodic oxidation treatment. And the hollow door will do coating processing.


Model Clear Size  Door Leaf Size Cut-out Size Weight
BXL B1XL1 B2XL2 (kg)
AJ 700X1750 724X1774 780X1830 28.1
800X1750 824X1774 880X1830 31.4
BJ 700X1750 724X1774 780X1830 39.4
800X1750 824X1774 880X1830 42.7
CJ 700X1750 724X1774 780X1830 28.6
800X1750 824X1774 880X1830 32.2

Marked sample: Aliminium hollowed cabin door for insulation bulkhead  which clear size 700X1750.clockwise inward opened.
Marked as:  ALUMINIUM HOLLOWED CABIN DOOR AJ700X 1750-6.0  CB/T3281-1997
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