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Marine Fixed Single-leaf Slided Aluminium Sliding Door For Vessel

Place of Origin: China
Type: Fixed Single-leaf Slided Aluminium Sliding Door
Open Style: Sliding
Standard: QL-300 Light Series
Material: Aluminum
Size: Base on Your Need
Certificate: RINA, RS, NK, LR, KR, CCS, GL, DNV, ABS


Product Description

Marine Fixed Single-leaf Slided Aluminium Sliding Door For Vessel

Watertight doors refer to all kinds of doors which are installed in watertight bulkhead and meet the requirements of watertight. According to the thickness of the door and the number of wedge-shaped handle, there are usually heavy watertight doors and light watertight doors.

Model Clear Size  Cut-out Size Fixed Leaf size Sliding Leaf size Door Frame Size Weight(kg)
WXh W1Xh1 W2Xh2 W3Xh3 W4Xh4 t=6 t=8
QLE-382 600X1500 1200X1575 495X1570 670X1543 1245X1620 38.9  46.4 
650X1600 1300X1675 545X1670 720X1643 1345X1720 44.7  53.2 
700X1700 1400X1775 595X1770 770X1743 1445X1820 51.3  61.0 
750X1700 1500X1775 645X1770 820X1743 1545X1820 54.7  65.2 
700X1800 1400X1875 595X1870 770X1843 1445X1920 53.3  63.4 
750X1800 1500X1875 645X1870 820X1843 1545X1920 57.4  68.3 
800X1800 1600X1875 695X1870 870X1843 1645X1920 61.5  73.2 
900X1900 1800X1975 795X1970 970X1943 1845X2020 72.9  86.8 
Marked sample: Single-leaf fixed Single-leaf slided aluminium sliding door which clear size 600X1500. 

Marked as: ALUMINIUM  SLIDING DOOR     600X1500   QLE-382

Please feel free to contact with us for more details, we would offer you all kinds of marine door according to your requirement.

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