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MED Approved Embarkation Rope Ladder For Ships

Origin: Made in China
Length: As per customer required
Steps distance: 300-350mm
Packing: Export package
Certificate: CCS
Material: Wood, rubber, aluminium alloy
Delivery time: 1week
Brand: Deyuan Marine

Product Description

MED Approved Embarkation Rope Ladder For Ships

Embarkation rope ladder product description

Introduction of MED Embarkation Rope Ladder

Embarkation ladder is the rope ladder used for embarkation and disembarkation during the emergency case and for crew's getting in and out the vessel in general situation.

Each wooden parts of our embarkation rope ladder are made of hardwood that is free from knots, and each metal fastener are made of a corrosion metal. Each side rope are continuous from the top of the ladder to the bottom.

Approval Standard of DEYUAN MARINE'S embarkation rope ladder

*Regulation 4, 11 & 34, Chapter III of SOLAS 1974, as Amended.

*Chapter I and VI of MSC.48(66) International Life-saving Appliance Code(LSA Code).

*ISO5489-2008 Ships and Marine Technology–Embarkation Ladder.

*CB/T428-1993, Embarkation Ladder.

Specification of Embarkation Rope Ladder

Type: Wooden or Aluminum Alloy Embarkation Ladder

Material of Step : Aluminum Alloy, Beech wood, Rubber(The Last 4 Steps)

Alu-alloy Steps Size : 525×115×35mm

Wooden Steps Size: 525×115×28mm

Rubber Step Size : 525×115×28mm

Rope Material : Manila Rope or Hemp Rope

Rope Diameter : 22mm

Step Fixing Piece(Split Distance) : Wood or Plastic

Certificate : CCS and EC(MED)

Embarkation rope ladder technical parameters

MED Embarkation Rope Ladder Parameters

Number of steps Length (L) Weight (kg)
mm Aluminium Wooden
3100 25.86 31.56
15 4650 33.47 43.92
20 6200 41.08 56.27
25 7750 48.69 68.64
30 3300 56.30 8100
35 10850 63.91 93.36
40 I24OO 71.52 105.72
45 13950 79.13 118.08
SO 155OO 86.74 130.44
55 17000 94.35 142.86
60 185OO 101.96 155.16
65 20000 109.57 167.52
70 21500 117.18 179.88
n+5 L+1500 +7.61 +12.36

solas embarkation rope ladder-DEYUAN MARINE

Type B Embarkation rope ladder With Wooden Steps

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