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Bulwark Type Panama Chock JIS F2017-82 BC Type Chock with ABS Certificate

Type: BC Type Panama Chock
Brand: Deyuan Marine
Material: Cast steel, carbon iron, stainless steel
Standard: JIS F2017-82
Surface: Primed, galvanised or grey painted finish.
Service life: 12-15 years
Certificate: BV, GL, ABS, DNV, CCS, etc.
Delivery time: Upon your order quantity
  • Name: Panama Chock
  • Type: BC Type
  • Standard: JIS F2017-82
  • Installation: Bulwark mounted
  • Color : As per your request
  • Material : Cast Iron or cast steel
  • MOQ: Negotiable

Product Description

Bulwark Type Panama Chock JIS F2017-82 BC Type Chock  with ABS Certificate

Panama chock also call Panama bow, Panama canal chock is a type of ship’s mooring and towing fitting installed on the shipside to lead the mooring or towing rope from the ship’s inboard to outboard.

Most of the Panama chocks existing at bow and stern of the tankers are fully workable for general mooring purposes,

it is designed and tested according both to I.M.O. and O.C.I.M.F. requirements and complied with the Panama Canal regulations.

Features of Bulwark Mounted / Deck Type Panama Chock

  1. Bulwark Type Panama Chock can guide the rope from the inboard to the outboard at certain direction, change the trend of rope and limit its place.

  2. BC Type Chock can reduce the abrasion between rope with gunwale, avoid increasing the stress due to a sharp bend.

  3. Stem, stern, ship sides are equipped with mooring devices.

Deck mounted AC panama chock and bulwark mounted BC type panama chock are for option, pls donot hesitate to contact us if you need any of them.


Panama Chock JIS F2017-82 BC Type

Weight Type A B C D E
276 310 310 734 684 462 652
305 360 360 788 688 464 704
344 400 400 832 692 470 750
385 450 450 886 696 474 802
422 500 500 940 700 478 854

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