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ABS ATOB Type 6 Man Marine Throw-overboard Inflatable Liferaft

Brand:Deyuan Marine
Product Name:Throw-overboard Inflatable Liferaft
Type:ATOB Inflatable Liferaft
Capacity:6 man
Certificate:CCS ,EC,ABS ,BV etc
Guarantee:12 months
Transport:By sea

Product Description

ABS ATOB Type 6 Man Marine Throw-overboard Inflatable Liferaft

The SOLAS Life Raft is equipped with the rescue equipment and equipment for emergency evacuation from the danger zone or the emergency evacuation of the shipwrecked ship, as well as special equipment for flood control and disaster prevention.The Inflatable Liferaft is made by synthetic materials, including metal tubes, compound tubes, plastic tubes, synthetic resins, or fiberglass tubes.The bow of the Marine Inflatable Liferaft has a bow cable which is a cable connecting Marine Throw-overboard Liferaft to the fixture. The ATOB Type Throw-overboard Liferaft shall remain in a normal floating state after the full load and all the equipment.

The tube cavity of the ATOB Type 6 Man Liferaft should be divided into at least two independent gas Chambers. The floating foetus should be able to be used when the gas chamber is damaged.The total weight of the 6 Man Throw-overboard Liferaft should exceed 78kg .The appearance of 6 Man Marine Inflatable Liferaft should be symmetrical, the color is evenDo not have the defects such as gelatine, ionosphere, bubble etc of Throw-overboard Inflatable 6 Man Liferaft.All the size of Marine Throw-overboard Inflatable liferaft have marine certificate .

Below is the data sheet of ABS ATOB Type 6 Man Liferaft for your information . 

 Type ATOB-6 ATOB-8
Shape Regular hexagon
Capacity (Persons) 6 8
Dimension(L×W×H) 2104×2104×1200 2390×2390×1250
Cylinder 4L×1 5L×1
Container dimension
SOLAS A PACK  (a×b) 1090×615
SOLAS B PACK  (a×b) 1045×545
Packaging dimension
SOLAS A PACK (c×d×e) 1140×675×650
SOLAS B PACK (c×d×e) 1100×600×590
Required bollard pull
For 2knot speed 0.3 0.35
For 3knot speed 0.8 0.9
Weight   (kg) ≤78 ≤90

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