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316L Stainless Steel Boat Electric Vertical Anchor Windlass with Capstan

Usage: Yacht, patrol boat
Type: Vertical
Driven: Electric motor
Surface: Mirror polish
Material: SS316L
Chain size: 12-78mm
Marine certificate: CCS, BV, ABS etc
Delivery time: 10-30days only

Product Description

316L Stainless Steel Boat Electric Vertical Anchor Windlass with Capstan

Small size of ships like patrol boat, yacht and work boat has compact space on the deck, so usually consider to adopt windlass as vertical type or small stainless horizontal type, to save precious space of the deck. What's more, the vertical arrangement allows the electric motor and reduction gear hidden under the deck, not only save the space of deck but also keep the motor and reduction gear away from bad weather and sea water, realize few maintain work.

Surface Treatment Features:

All the metal materials excpet motor and reduction gear are stainless steel 316L, could be processed mirror polish, surface will be as smoothy as a mirror. 

To avoid the capstan sliping with rope, can make somes strips on the surface of the capstan.

Structural Features:

1. Common vertical windlass looks quite ugly due to structure of arrangement of brake holder and chain spliting device. We solve this problem with simple, compact and reliable arrangement of them, result in good looking product.

316L Stainless Anchor Windlass 6

2. Dentate Clutch

Common 3 claw type clutch require quite precise positioning for clutching, we designed the cluthc as many small size of tooth gears which make the clutching work very easy, nearly no need care about the positions.

316L Stainless Anchor Windlass 7

Specification for anchor windlass:

Name  Chain Dia.  Working Load  Holding Load  Working Speed  Capstan Load  Motor Power
(mm)  (KN)  (KN)  (m/min)  (KN)  (KN) (KW)
Φ14/16/17.5  Anchor Windlass  Φ14/16/17.5  8.3/10.9/13.0  51/67/80  ≥9 8 5.5
Φ19/20.5/22 Anchor Windlass  Φ19/20.5/22  15.3/17.9/20.6  95/110/126  ≥9 10 7.5
Φ24/26  Anchor Windlass  Φ24/26  24.5/28.7  149/175  ≥9 20 11
Φ28/30 Anchor Windlass  Φ28/30  33.3/38.3  202/231  ≥9 30 15
Φ32/34/36  Anchor Windlass  Φ32/34/36  43.5/49.1/55.1  261/294/329  ≥9 30 22
Φ38/40/42 Anchor Windlass  Φ38/40/42  61.4/68.0/75.0  365/402/442  ≥9 40 30
Φ44/46/48  Anchor Windlass  Φ38/40/42  82.3/89.9/97.9  483/526/570  ≥9 50 37
Φ50/52/54 Anchor Windlass  Φ50/52/54  106.3/114.9/123.9  617/664/713  ≥9 50 45
Φ56/58/60  Anchor Windlass  Φ56/58/60  133.3/143.0/153  764/816/870  ≥9 60 55
Φ62/64 Anchor Windlass  Φ62/64  163.4/174.1  925/982  ≥9 80 55
Φ66/68  Anchor Windlass  Φ66/68  185.1/196.5  1040/1098  ≥9 100 75
Φ70/73 Anchor Windlass  Φ70/73  208.3/226.5  1160/1254  ≥9 100 75
Smaller veritical windlass could be offered, pls contact us for more details.
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